Playmate of the Year – Claire Sinclair

Playmate of the Year – Claire Sinclair

The gorgeous, modern pin-up girl and 2011’s Playboy “Playmate of the Year,” Claire Sinclair, celebrated her 21st birthday with a lavish party on Saturday, May 26. One of just two “Playmates of the Year” in Playboy’s long history to be selected for the honor before the age of 21, Sinclair had the rare distinction of being able to celebrate her 21st birthday while holding the title.

Sinclair, known for her lush hair with “Bettie Page” bangs and curvaceous body, looked absolutely gorgeous in her peach-colored form-fitting Bebe dress, complemented with gold accessories and a gold handbag, also from Bebe, along with gold Marciano shoes.

We welcomed Sinclair’s milestone birthday upon her arrival with “Vegas Bomb” shots for her and her friends. The fruity concoction is made with Crown Royal, Peach Schnapps, and a splash of Red Bull and cranberry juice. After that, Sinclair settled on Patron tequila; as any new 21 year old might do. Sinclair was thrilled when we presented her with a gorgeous birthday cake, a decadent three tier concoction filled with vanilla and chocolate cake. A pin-up at heart, she posed for several photographs playing with her party balloons.

The club was packed with thousands of Memorial Weekend revelers, and Sinclair leaned over the rail of her private VIP booth to blow kisses to adoring fans waving to get her attention.

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