Free Limo & Free Cover at a Top Las Vegas Gentlemen's Club

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Description: Visit Crazy Horse 3 with this deal and get a free cover, two free drinks, and free transportation to the club. Only $50, all you have to do is call now.

Get the Full Treatment with our Professional VIP Package

Shhh finger on lips

Can you keep a secret?

Psst. Want to know a secret? You can get the full VIP Treatment at CH3 for just $50. Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret!

How it Works

Simply book the Professional VIP package online. Don’t forget to add your upgrades while checking out, you won’t get a better price in person!

You’ll need to enter your pickup time and location. 20-30 minutes prior to your pickup time, one of our drivers will call you directly. All you need to do is answer his call and you’re all set. You’ll get instructions on when to come outside as well as what type and color of the vehicle to look for.

Be sure you wait to get a call from the driver. If you head outside and wait, every cab driver, Uber goober, promoter, or limo driver is going to try to hassle you to get in their car for a ‘better deal’. Don’t get taken for a chump ride with jacked up prices and broken promises. If the driver doesn’t know your phone number, it’s not our driver! When in doubt, call the number back that contacted you and connect with the driver directly.

Once you arrive at the club, you get to go to the front of the line because you’re a VIP. That means no waiting in line with the regular joes! You’ll get a $60 drink card that can be used to purchase your drinks. Find yourself a good seat and begin the celebration.

You’ll also get a $60 drink credit that can be used to purchase your drinks. Find yourself a good seat on the main floor and begin the celebration.

Aren’t you glad you sprung for the VIP treatment?

Step Up Your Game!

If you want to kick it up a notch, you should definitely check out our Getting Crazy Package, our entry level bottle service. If you gotta bottle, the girls know you are ballin’, so get ready to have your table stormed by hotties!


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