How To Plan a Guys' Weekend in Vegas

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Description: And That's When Things Got Crazy First, be classy and call it a gentlemen's club -- not a strip club. Second, go to the award-winning Crazy Horse III, which features three stages, hundreds of beautiful women, a main room with a giant platform and deluxe VIP rooms (for those VIP dances, naturally). It's not unheard of for celebrities to make appearances, including Snoop Dogg and Carmen Electra, and for Playboy playmates to host parties every once in awhile.

You know those commercials where you see men in Las Vegas, bow ties loose around their necks, the sun coming up as they raise their glasses to the Strip? That totally happens. Well, it can with the right planning. When the guys get together for one weekend of male bonding in Vegas, you have to do it right. It should be an ample amount of spontaneit...